Mano Global
Business Corporation

If you need secondhand bicycles from Japan then you are at the right place. We are one of the largest Japanese used bicycles exporters in Japan.

We recycle used Japanese Mountain Bikes, City bicycles, Folding bicycles and Children / kids bicycles across Japan and export them to many countries worldwide.

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Exporters of Japanese Used Bicycles worldwide

We pride our excellent service by proving our customers with the best used Japanese bicycles and also we don’t delay our orders for used bicycles from Japan.

Our Garage handles hundreds of consignment of used bicycles and ship out containers almost every day. We supply and export japan Used Bicycles for years to many countries all over the world like Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Dubai and many other countries worldwide. Our used Japanese bicycles are in perfect condition and our prices are unbeatable and affordable.

Our client’s satisfaction is our No.1 goal!

Our multi-lingual staff are qualified so we take care of our bikes as well. Any service that you want, just name it, and I bet ya we got it. Our staff even speak your language. We are ready available waiting to help you with your orders.

Our client’s satisfaction is our no.1 goal , also good relation means good business we believe in long term business relation so we don’t send broken or damage bicycles we only ship good used Japanese bicycles. If you buy from us we Guarantee you 100% Satisfaction on our Japanese used bicycles.

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